General Information

DISTRIBUTORS - Rock River Tool sells through industrial distributors who are your local supply, service and communication link with us.

SHIPPING - All shipments are normally sent UPS to the distributor. However, every day distributors request "next day delivery" or "drop shipments" to customers that must have the tools immediately.

ORDERING - The Rock River EDP number listed for each size of every tool type is the only description required when ordering. However, as a cross-check for possible copying errors, most orders also note a brief tool description.

MODIFICATIONS - Over 30% of the standard tools ordered include one or more simple modifications. Each catalog page lists the most commonly requested modifications for that type of tool. Rock River's modifications are competitively priced with prompt delivery.

COMMUNICATIONS - We prefer that all communications be directed through your local industrial distributor. However, in emergencies Rock River can be reached at:
     Sales/Engineering 1-800-345-8924
     Facsimile machine (Fax) 1-800-867-9312

QUALITY ASSURANCE - Rock River has a detailed written quality assurance program, including a very comprehensive measurement instrument dimensional control system. We apply statistical techniques wherever appropriate to assure manufacturing process control and effective final inspections.

TOLERANCES - All Rock River's standard tools are manufactured to one or more of the following specifications:

  ANSI B94.11M - American National
Standards Industry
  NAS 907 - National Aerospace Standards
  USCTI - United States Cutting Institute
  ISO - International Standard Organization

CARBIDE GRADES - All Rock River's standard tools are manufactured with correct proven grade of carbide for the intended applications. We only utilize carbide that is made in the U.S.A. by major reputable manufacturers.

TOOL PERFORMANCE - Although the tool's price is always important, the real measure of tool value is the tool's performance in the user's plant -- machining piece parts to correct dimensions with proper surface finishes utilizing high feeds and speeds with a long tool life between grinds.

CHANGES - All specifications and dimensions are subject to revision without notice.